Sunday, February 3, 2013


Felicity is getting closer to delivering, but not as fast as I anticipated. Last week she changed drastically from one day to the next and I thought for sure we were really close. But then things stayed basically the same. I am a very impatient sanguine and don't wait well. This. Is. Killing. Me. And, her due date isn't even for another week. So she *could* go longer. Oh, dear. Let's hope for my sanity that it is sooner rather than later.

She is getting bigger, but I can't seem to capture that in a photo and her ligaments are going away, but not gone yet. I have noticed that her udder is starting to fill, though it should get a lot fuller.

Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a goat udder without including other bits that don't need to be part of a family friendly (mostly) blog?

Today we did the final preparations for the impending kids. The heat lamp is hung in the shed and lookin' all kinds of classy. What, with the orange extension cord running through our back yard and all. It's hung, over what looks like a KKK cross, across the small space between the fence and the chicken coop. Then along the chicken area over to the shed. All in an attempt to get heat to the shed without the chance of the goats eating the power supply. It's classy I tell ya!

I am now closing the goats in in the evening just in case Felicity decides to deliver in the dark of night. I don't want her delivering outside. Even without the heat lamp they should be fine if they are closed up inside the shed. I'm still keeping a close eye on her though because I don't want to miss the big event.

We had the first sign of Spring yesterday. TWO EGGS! Whoo Hoo! That means that we should start getting more and more eggs until each one of the chickens are laying every day. It was definitely a nice surprise to see multiple eggs. We are really missing our own eggs. They taste so much better than anything we can get anywhere else.

Hopefully the next post will be baby pictures!

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