Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Farm Name

I think we have finally landed on a farm name!

Hiraeth Farm

Now we can get it registered with the American Goat Society and all goat kids born to does owned by us will be registered with our farm name. For example, if Felicity has a doeling (girl) one name that is on the possibility list is Hiraeth Farm Pippa. Chances are it won't end be exactly that name for a doeling (though I really like the name Pippa. If we get two we could have a Pippa and a Kate/Catherine ;-), but you get the idea.

Penny is not registered, so her babies will not be included in this. But, we are planning on adding another registered doe, either through purchase or retaining a doeling from Felicity. Our plan is to see how much milk Penny produces to see if it is worth keeping her in the long run. If not we will phase her out and replace her with registered stock. Long term we will probably keep 3-4 does. We are starting small with 2 to see what our family dairy need is. Then add does accordingly.

Really the only reason we are looking at this as an option is because we are able to sell the kids for significantly more if they are registered. It takes the same amount of feed to keep a goat whether or not it is registered, so we might as well have registered stock that we can recoup some of our investment.

Felicity Update: her ligaments are almost gone. Unfortunately they can be "almost gone" for several days or they could disappear this afternoon. I check her about every 3 hours (except at night, I'm so not giving up sleep unless I know she is in labor. Ain't nobody got time for that.)

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