Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birthing Goats

As promised, more photos!

Felicity lost her ligaments Tuesday night, so I knew the birth would be soon. Wednesday morning Felicity was resting comfortably (well, as comfortable as a goat can at that point in her pregnancy). I watched her throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. Nothing. 

My sister-in-law headed over for the afternoon in anticipation of the birth. We checked on Felicity at around 1:30 and then headed inside for about 10 minutes. On our way back out we heard Felicity holler and went running to the shed and she had just had her first buckling. 

I cut the cord and helped her clean him up a bit. She is a great mom! 

We really thought that he was going to be the only one. He was big and she seemed done. But, about 10 minutes later, Felicity had a couple more contractions and out popped another buckling!

I had heard that vitamin E helped make deliveries easier so I started Felicity on it 5 weeks ago. I don't know if it helped, but she did have such an easy (ok, I don't know if she would say it was easy) delivery, especially compared to the only other one I've seen. All I had to do was cut the cord and help dry the babies.

I seriously love this one's ears! 

#1 buckling:

#2 buckling:

They are doing great! I am going to wait to officially name them until I know if I have a buyer that wants to give them a name. They do already have nicknames. The first one my kids have taken to calling Snuggler. He is calmer and much more interested in snuggling. The second one has earned the name Trouble. He is already an instigator. He tried to get his brother to play with him when they were only 4 hours old and he tried to take on Penny when he was about 18 hours old. Penny, by the way, has been great with them and is a very patient aunt. 

Anyway, our farm name (Hiraeth Farm) will be the first part of their registered names. Our first babies with our own farm name. I feel so official.

I'm sure there will be more picture to come, especially of Trouble as I anticipate him getting into some unusual predicaments. 

*Again, thanks to my SIL for most of these photos. It frees me up to be able to do goat stuff and we still have great photos!


  1. So precious. Birth is such a miracle.

  2. great pics of cute little newborns