Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've been super busy here. I had a death in the family on one side, then a little family reunion with the other side a week later. Plus, canning season is here. I have done a little canning in the past, but I want to do quite a bit this year. I started today with a pear relish that was my grandmother's recipe. It is super good on beans and cornbread. It's also good with turkey sandwiches. Next I want to can some tomatoes. If I still have energy after that I will see what I will tackle.


This is the time of year that our CSA makes up for the shares in the Spring that are not only small, but also mostly leafy greens.

This week we got:
Top left: green beans, lettuce, heirloom tomato (oh, this is so going to be bruschetta with my homemade bread from this book - LOVE the book!), summer squash (we got a mix of pattypan, scallopini, and globe squash - at least I'm pretty sure that's what I have),  broccoli, carrots, pluots, green onions, lemon cucumber (not sure what I'm going to use these for, but supposedly I can use them for anything I would normally use a regular green cucumber), fennel (which I make this recipe. I originally got the recipe from my SIL, but was able to find a link to it on the internet - Yeah for the web having everything!), and from the U-pick area I got basil (will be going with the heirloom tomato to make bruschetta - I have adjusted this recipe a bit, but really The Pioneer Woman has never let me down, I often cook from recipes on her site) and some cherry tomatoes (which will go in with the fennel recipe).

The rest of the farmlette is doing well. The chickens are happy and we are letting them start to free range a bit more with only the random egg being laid outside of the nesting boxes. 

We are still working on getting Penny bred. She is not cooperating by going into heat in a manner that works with the schedules of those involved. Goats only go into heat for about 24 hours every 21 days. This makes it a bit challenging. But, I'm learning a lot and hopefully will be better able to get this done when Felicity's turn comes up in the Spring.

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