Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We are getting some things in our CSA shares this summer that are different than we have ever gotten before. I'm really liking the adventure of trying new things. There are more options with heirloom vegetables, like the lemon cucumbers from last week and the heirloom tomatoes this week.

I tried the new cucumbers. They were really good. Very cucumbery. I had them in a salad with my SIL.

Oh, wait, that doesn't sound right at all! I had them in a salad that I shared with my SIL. It was a good salad and great company.

Our CSA this week:
Green apples (if I can fend off the kids I will make Morning Glory muffins with them), Fennel (again I love, love it with the chicken), lettuce (salad all the way!), pluots (the kids eat them raw and they are great for after school), I picked basil and cherry tomatoes ( the basil will go into bruschetta and I'm going to dehydrate the tomatoes for this winter), a head of cabbage (we have found that we really love this recipe), a beet (I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yet - maybe juice it), an onion, 2 different tomatoes - 1 persimmon tomato and 1 cherokee green (they are both new to us. Usually we totally go over board this time of year with bruschetta. So, chances are that that is where these two are headed), and 2 ears of corn.

What is happening with the goats? I'm so glad you asked.

All I can say is that I hope when my daughter is a teenager she reject the advances of boys half as well as my goat is currently. We invited the buck over Sunday for a little get-to-know-you. Penny wanted nothing to do with getting-to-know him. *sigh

Our next option is to try a shot that will bring her into heat. It's an easy enough solution. We will see if it pans out. The plan is to give her a shot and then in 65-75 hours she will be ready to be bred. It sure would be nice for the scheduling aspect of this process. I have read that while it brings on a heat cycle it does not cause ovulation. But, you never know with internet info. I have a call into my vet to double check this, but his office assistant seems to think that all will be well and we have a good chance at a successful breeding. It just goes to show that the internet is not always right. Dang it, here I thought everything I read on the interweb was always totally true.

Right now we are looking at the possibility of a Valentine's Day baby. *fingers crossed!

We are seriously considering getting another goat so that we have 3 and it wouldn't be such a big deal to ship one goat off to be bred. We can't do that now because that would leave Felicity home alone. And as they say, "a single goat is a naughty goat". They cry and cry and cry. I want to keep my neighbors happy, so no single goats here.

But, we do feel a little like the frog in the kettle. My husband originally said, "Sure, let's try one goat". Poor guy, didn't know what he was getting into. Well, except that he does have 16 years of experience being married to me and that gives him a heads up that this is probably going to get a little hairy (I call it adventure and being spontaneous, he calls it lack of planning). So, I'm thinking no more than 4 goats. Or thereabouts. Probably.

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