Saturday, July 28, 2012



Here are the beautiful eggs we have collected over the last several days. Aren't they fun?

We still can't keep our goat milk fresh for more than 24-36 hours. It is so frustrating. Gah!

I am trying more new things with the goats, but it is a slow process. After much research and talking with goat owners (local and across the interweb - who knew there were goat forums?!) it seems that alfalfa causes an increase in the enzyme that is in goat milk that makes the milk "goaty". With most goats it is fine, but with some it causes so much that it changes the flavor of the milk. I found one other owner that had the same problem with her milk that I am having with mine. It was fine at milking, but had a short shelf life. Luckily she also had another goat she was milking that did not have that problem. I am pulling Bella off of alfalfa hay and only giving her timothy hay and her grain. Maybe we will get better milk by the end of next week. *fingers crossed!

On a positive note, since I need that "goaty" flavor to make chevre I've been saving the milk that starts to turn and now have enough to make my first batch of cheese. I feel so down-homey.

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