Friday, July 13, 2012


This is our CSA share from yesterday. If you missed last week, CSA info can be found here

This week we got (clockwise from top left) parsley, a Walla Walla sweet onion (another reason to live in Washington! The best onions), raspberries, snap peas (very good raw - just snap the top end off), bok choy (will go either in the juicer or in a stir fry), Rainier cherries, lettuce (already used part of it on hamburgers last night), kohl rabi, green garlic, and kale (definitely into the juicer!).

The CSA that we go to also has a small farm store that CSA members get a discount at. They carry extra produce, honey, bread, etc. I bought some fava beans (bottom left in the mesh bag) and garlic (We LOVE this type of garlic it's Red Chesnok and the flavor is awesome).

I bought the fava beans to make falafel. They take some extra processing, but oh, so worth it! The parsley will go into the falafel along with cilantro from my own garden.

Eat Fresh!

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