Saturday, April 20, 2013

T - 5 Days

Well we are getting closer. Penny is due this coming Wednesday and is getting HUGE. Pictures don't really show how big she is. Poor thing. She has dropped, well, as dropped as she can get being soooo big, her udder is developing, and her ligaments are starting to get squishy. She is on track for a mid week kidding. We will see if she delivers on time.

The babies are moving inside, but they are smaller than the movement I felt with Felicity. That makes me think that there are more. I'm still guessing 3 or 4. I already have homes for 3 of them, so hopefully she gives us at least that many!

Some updated photos of the girls...



 Clara, who is sold and will go home with one of Penny's babies. She is super sweet and I've enjoyed having her around. I am going to try to find a slightly bigger goat with a higher production. Plus, it really helps with the weaning to be able to completely separate her from Pippa.

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  1. I LOVE looking at pics of the farm. Too bad we're not close enough to try some goat's milk. Have you made the land of milk and honey jokes yet?