Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We had some beautiful sunny weather this weekend. We also had my husband's father in town. It was like having the stars align and it made for the perfect combination to get some outdoor projects done. (Thanks Dad!)

Our new goat area is coming along nicely. The guys put up a split rail fence along the front and built a nice big gate. I will add wire fencing this week and then the goats and chickens will be contained to a single area (no more chicken poop on my patio! Whoo Hoo!)

My husband also built another raised garden bed. We are going to try to grow most of our own produce this summer. With my black thumb, that will be the biggest challenge of the year. Here is the garden bed. I will put down some of our own compost and we will also get a truck load of garden soil locally. This is the week to start some of our seeds in the green house. I can't wait to get those first shoots of tomatoes coming up!

I also scored a single packet of seeds for glass gem corn. It should be interesting to grow it and see what we get. 

The new babies are settling in. Clarabelle's milk tapered off on Saturday from the stress of the move, but is back up again. Here are the new girls lounging in the sun.

I tried to get a photo to show the difference in size between the bucklings and the new doelings. This was the best I got. Here is Pippa trying to keep up with the boys.

Snuggle was working on his "come hither" look for when he becomes a breeding buck. I'm pretty sure we need to change his name or the does won't take him seriously. Poor guy, the kids named him and it stuck.

This is the boys' newest trick. I feel sorry for Penny since she is 7 weeks out from giving birth and both bucklings prefer to stand on her and it doesn't matter if she is standing or laying down. She is a good sport though.

Now that the chickens and goats share an area there is more curiosity. I watched Pippa chase a chicken this morning and Snuggle tried to headbutt this one.

I still totally love these ears! Aren't they great?

Penny is starting to fill out sideways. She has always been a largish goat (I commonly refer to her as "Whale"), so it is really hard to tell if there are 5 in there or just 1. I haven't felt movement with her the same way I did with Felicity. Don't know what that means. More but smaller kids? Less kids? Or just that Trouble was always rambunctious. We will know sometime around April 24th.

We are certainly enjoying the little bits of Spring that come every few weeks and looking forward to the day that warm weather comes to stay.

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  1. LOL, that is most definitely a "hey baby baby" look "Snuggle" has going on there! It's great that you had sunshine for your project and your little goats. I feel so much better knowing that my milkers are getting vitamin D these days!