Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wow! I didn't realize that it had been so long since an update. Now you see why I can't grow anything. I take care of plants about as well as I take care of my blog. My plants shrivel up and die before I even notice that they were dry. Good thing blogs don't shrivel. Or die.

What is happening with the goats? Good question. Felicity is two and a half weeks out and is starting to waddle.

Here is a picture from 1/20/13. The picture does not really give a good feel for how big she is. She is carrying the baby(s) deep (more down) instead of wide (sideways). From what I've heard, it is harder to figure out how many babies are in there when they carry deep. We will know soon.

 Here is a picture from 12/31/12 for a comparison.

And just because I happened (read: stalked the breeder's site and eventually found old pics. I also found quite a few pics of various grandparents. Or maybe goatparents. Anyway, kinda fun) to have a baby picture of Felicity I thought I would share. Wasn't she a cutie?!

Penny? She is indeed pregnant! Whoo Hoo! Third time's a charm. Her due date is April 24th. I am starting to see a baby bump on her. Here is a picture from 1/20/13 as a "before" shot to compare to. So far, she is carrying higher. Felicity's beginning baby bump was much lower than where Penny is starting. She might carry higher and more out to the sides. 

The chickens are mostly continuing to be free loaders with one giving me an egg every 2-3 days. I have chosen to not put lights in their coop this year. I'm thinking that I will try the lights next year to keep production up even through the winter. That is, if I can figure out a way to run power out there where the goats can't eat the extension cord. 

Our weather here has been wonky. We had an inversion. Which I had no idea what that even was (and still don't really understand why our sky got turned upside down) until we had day after day of fog and freezing temps. Seriously, I love fog and by the end I was so tired of it. I chalk it up to low vitamin D. Because it surely wasn't PMS, probably, well maybe. 

I got a load of hog fuel to spread in the new goat area. I had to wait until the ground was frozen so I could drive through our yard without seriously messing up the grass (and septic system). Then the inversion came and I could drive across my yard, but then my hog fuel froze and has been sitting in a pile ever since. Oops. 

This is what our backyard looked like for a week...

We are back to sun and I didn't even have to break ice on the goat's water bucket yesterday! Yeah! Though I've worked out a pretty good system. I keep an extra bucket inside at night and run warm water out to them in the morning. Ah, the luxury of the life of a goat in suburbia. 

In the mean time, we are prepping for kids. I will be pulling together my kidding kit this next week. Hopefully all will go well and I won't have to assist this time. *fingers crossed.

I will do my best to post pics as soon as the baby(s) are here.


  1. I was definitely jonesing for some goat updates. Double excitement? Penny is due just before my birthday: )

  2. What a pretty girl! I can't wait to see kids.

    1. Thanks! Welcome to my blog. I took a look at your blog and would love to hear more about bees. My husband is trying to talk me into them, but I wonder if they are a good idea for a suburban neighborhood. What do you think?