Monday, November 12, 2012

I worked hard a few weekends ago and got the shed outfitted for the goats. We still need to do permanent fencing for the outside part (so please excuse the white trash look that we're sporting), but the temporary fencing will do for now (I think). With all the rain the last couple of days Penny and Felicity were happy to get a place with a bigger floor plan.

I'm happy with the new set up because I have a dry place to milk. You can see the "wall" that divides the shed down the center. The goats get the right side and I get the left side. I now have storage for feed and I put the milking stanchion in there too. We don't have power to the building, but I bought a Coleman electric LED lantern that I hung from the center rafter. It works pretty well. 

I'm also happy that when kidding time comes around in February we will have a warm, dry place. My back-up plan was the garage. So, not only am I glad to have the shed, my husband is really glad to not have goats in his garage.

The temporary fencing is made from panels of steel reinforcing for concrete. I got that tip from a guy at the hardware store who said his grandparents had goats and used this for fencing. Works great! And is way cheaper than cattle panels.

We have a new animal around the farm (shocking I know! I seem to be collecting animals like they are going out of style). Somehow we have a tame squirrel. He showed up a couple of weeks ago. He doesn't go so far as to let us hold him, but he has no problem with coming up to us to get something to eat. We now have a ton of nuts buried all over our flower beds and lawn. My husband is thrilled let me tell you. It is just for the squirrel that he put in hours upon hours of work to relandscape the front yard. I'm sure that is what he would say if you asked him.

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  1. How's the farm post Thanksgiving? I love reading about it : )